How long is long enough?

I’ve heard three, six, and even one. I’ve heard all sorts of numbers and no, I am not talking inches. I know some of you expected this article to be a bout inches or the occasional foot plus. I am most sorry to have mislead you or got you excited for no reason. I am actually asking to enquirer how long is long enough before it is okay to take it to the bedroom (close enough I suppose). I know a few of you will like to say any time after marriage but it is 2013. My only message here is If you can’t be good, at least be safe, and try to be sensible, unless of course you are looking to sell yourself for cheap. AIDS no dey show for face.

This article is aimed mainly at women because for most guys an hour of getting to know a girl is more than enough time to get on with it. You know how they say men think with our penis or at least on behalf of it. For ladies on the other hand, this issue of giving ‘it’ up is actually quite a big one. Being able to spot a player is one thing, being able to tell when it will be seen to be respectable to give ‘it’ up is a whole different ball game (pun not intended!). For girls already operating on the same wavelength as men you probably stopped reading after the first paragraph.

I once heard there is a three date unwritten rule that makes it acceptable and respectable to give ‘it’ up. Judging by the work ethic of most men on a new woman I will say that adds up to three weeks. A date a week seems to be the standard. Two cheap dates and one reasonably priced one tends to be the recipe on rotation these days.

Personally I have no real opinion on this matter but I really think every lady needs to have a time frame they deem respectable. You know the saying, ‘easy come, easy go’. Guy’s tend to drop the ball after they hit it. A friend once said ‘pussy’ loses its value by 50% after the first session, but if made to work for it this loss can be can be reduced significantly.

Ladies and gents let me know what you think.


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