Sexism in Nigeria…both ways

I will start by saying I do not get on well with feminists. My ex-girlfriend’s mum was somewhat of a feminist and her opinions constantly kept me on edge every time we had to cross paths. I have found many feminists that I come in contact with rather close minded. I will give a brief example. Men don’t like hour glass shaped women because we watch too much porn. We like these women because evolution suggests a good waist to hip ratio signifies fertility. Nature made this up, not men. It is for this same reason women like muscular men, they seem to make better protectors and providers from cave man times. Of course today a bank account is a good substitute and while a lot of women will deny, we know success makes a man a billion times  more attractive.

Given that I have never met a black feminist I will keep an open mind that Nigerian feminists (if they do exist) might be a bit different. Christ knows women in Nigeria have it real bad. Has anyone noticed how a man’s supposed ‘sins’ are always overlooked but a woman with half the amount will be near enough stoned to death. Allow me to illustrate. If I told my friends that I bedded seven girls in a week I would be showered with praise and crowned the player of the year. Even girls have come to accept the normality of male promiscuity. In fact it is almost expected of a man to be promiscuous. A woman bedding two guys in a week on the other hand…slut, hoe, whore, harlot, Jezebel…etc. You get the picture. If we are to walk the religious line can anyone quote any instance where the Bible or whatever you read illustrated that there is one law for men and another for women? Did the ten commandment state that men were somehow exempt from fornication or adultery? Or have men made this a social norm to subjugate women?

Well that’s a solution…

I am by no means promoting promiscuity, but we have to start applying the rules to both teams or we don’t apply them at all. Everyone has that one friend that will shag a chicken but wants to marry a virgin. Are you for real? On the other hand, ladies you guys need to stop expecting us to handle your expenses when we are out. This is the 21st century. Women are educated and working at the same capacity as men these days. Some of you guys are richer than most guys. If a guy offers to pay, by all means allow him feel like Romeo. But if the guy isn’t rolling in Benjamins then please don’t make the guy buy you Brazilian hair. We all know some girl that gets a regular supply of credit from one idiot or the other. Guys we must demand equal rights too!

Said no man ever!


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