You wan go London abi?

carry go

So I don’t know if you guys heard but the UK is seriously considering subjecting first-time visitors from Nigeria and five other Common Wealth nations to a £3000 bond before issuing them with visa. For anybody wey no go school, bond means you will get the money back when you leave. Personally I don’t approve of this idea. My first family holiday ever was to UK in 1999. My father was just about to afford the trip for himself, my mother, and the three kids. If he had to post £3000 pounds for even one person, that holiday was not going to happen. I have read streams of outrage all over the web as Nigerians have expressed their distaste for this new idea. You know the usual reactions to such announcements:

“What are Nigerians even doing in the UK? Come home and develop your country”

“We must retaliate, don’t sell oil to them!” This one cracked me up.

Our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador of Olugbenga Ashiru has gone on the record to say should this scheme be enacted Nigeria will ‘retaliate’. Dear minister, until we stabilize our country and stop depending on foreign aids all you can do is bark bark, no bite bite.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru

But before we raise hell on the British let us take a minute to look into history. Many Nigerians began moving to Ghana after Ghana became the first independent country in the region in 1957. Also in the 70s many Ghanians moved to Nigeria as economic refugees The relationship became sour when the flow began to shift the demographics of the country and the people became unhappy. Thus, under former Ghanaian president Busia’s Aliens Compliance Order of 1969 Nigerians and other immigrants were forced to leave Ghana as they made up 20 percent of Ghana’s population at the time. In 1983, Nigeria deported up to 1 million Ghanaian and other African immigrants when Ghana was facing severe drought and economic problems, and another 300,000 in early 1985 on short notice. Imagine if the UK pulled a stunt like this?

We named a bag after these people!

We named a bag after these people!

The objective truth of the matter is that every government is allowed to regulate their land as they feel is best for their citizens. The moral implication is for a philosophical debate. If na you vex pass, put hand develop your country. Jesus will not do this for you. He must be busy in Syria or some other war torn country.

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