17 year old wife kills husband…

I was tempted to add ‘lol’ at the end of this headline but death is never a laughing matter. The Punch states that the girl in question claimed to have stabbed her husband to death because he was using her as a sex machine. According to the girl he was doing the do with performance enhancing drugs (like Hausa prick no too long already). Apparently her parents had forced her into the marriage a year ago so she feared she couldn’t run back to them and didn’t know what else to do.

I have read comments demanding that this girl should be shipped straight to Kirikiri while others say she has done nothing wrong and should be set free. Unfortunately there is no one available to testify that the girl is not lying but I will give her the benefit of doubt. While we are on the topic I would like to ask if being of ‘full age’ once you are married as suggested by the senate means this girl will be treated like an adult?

Can someone ask him what he thinks of this situation please?

I guess this should serve as a lesson for anyone defending underage marriage from a religious or cultural point. The world has changed a lot from Biblical times. Society isn’t what it used to be and the dynamics for marriage is certainly changing as women become more aware of their rights which includes the right to be consensual to any marriage. To think this is even still being discussed today is a shameful to start with.

Do you think a person can be mentally prepared for married life at the age of 16 in our society today?

See http://www.punchng.com/metro/wife-17-explains-why-she-murdered-husband/ for more details.


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