BBM is finally coming to Android and iOS!


BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins confirmed this past May that BBM would come to iOS and Android “this summer”. They are now handing out invites to the beta app. Stay tuned!

After heaven knows how long Blackberry has decided to stop being so stingy and spread the BBM love to other platforms. Now I am not sure what we would be needing it for when we have grown used to WhatsApp, but I am still going to download it. I think this move is an attempt at reinforcing a dying brand as Apple continue to some how make the same phone longer, wider, or with more light on the screen to dominate the market. Android is also doing very well giving their operating system to anyone that can manufacture a phone which leaves BBM fighting for air. What about WIndows OS I hear you ask…What OS?


2 thoughts on “BBM is finally coming to Android and iOS!

  1. Windows is gaining ground though, slowly yes but surely especially with their new skydive initiative… Watch out for them…

    • True, I actually just bought a Surface and I have to say it is miles ahead of the iPad. Unfortunately it isn’t getting the credit it deserves in Nigeria. As my blog is targeted mainly at a Nigeria audience I have to tailor my content so. I will be reviewing the Surface soon to give them their due props. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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