Will APC live up their promises?

This is war!

In all fairness I don’t really follow politics very closely. After I read about the founding fathers of Nigeria I have come to regard most of these men in power as sorry excuses for leaders. Let’s be honest, who can tell me what difference a change of rule from military to civilian has made? The dollar and pounds are up, Nigerians are still poor (the rich obviously get richer but that is a norm, money begets money). If anything civilian rule has given us a bigger government which means more people stealing our nation’s wealth.

Didn’t OBJ rule in the military government too? Make these old guys make way for the new school abeg.

That being said I am at least skeptical as opposed to my normal ‘all these guys na mumu’ stance. By no stretch of my imagination am I thinking these men will revolutionize Nigeria but I am open to pleasant surprises. On this note I will like to make it clear that the idea of democracy in Nigeria is at best unripe. If we cannot be unified at the bottom on a tribal level, what makes you think we can be unified at the top? And let’s not even go into the population imbalance that has made the nation’s least educated region majority seat holders in the senate.

Not even trying to diss, I love the north but their leaders have been falling our hand too much. They better hope the country never splits. We all know where the resources are buried….East…cough cough

It is my political philosophy in Nigeria that for any change to occur people must change first. If I may steal a verse from the Bible I will say ‘For kingdoms to change, men must change’. It is only by starting an internal revolution that the conditions for the kind of leaders we need can be made possible. My father’s generation and the one before him has failed us so far. My only hope is in the youth of today but at the rate we are getting carried away by the comforts and excitement of modern living has me questioning this stance.

Revolutions without forward action plans is like a barking toothless dog.

Nations only need but a few good men. People need good governance, no one really cares about the government. Last time I checked Qatar was the richest country in the world under a monarchy’s rule. No one is complaining but there are still riots in Egypt and I will leave Zimbabwe out of this. Happy new month my country men and women, have a lovely one.


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