You call this music art?

Art is supposed to inspire…right?

They say art is a reflection of culture. It can be critical or reinforcing in nature. Recently the art industry in Nigeria has been growing but I have to say I am NOT impressed. I will probably be called a hater or a granddad for this one but I will say it as it is. As far as popular Nigerian music go they lyrical content of most of our artists are about as deep as piss on concrete. In a society with more issues than a blog post would ever hold you would think artist would emerge to inspire and educate people. Did Fela Kuti become the icon he is today by churning out a series of monotonous tracks discussing material success? Is Femi Kuit respected across the world for recycling the same beat pattern telling us about some unmemorable nonsense?


Yes, music is supposed to be a form of entertainment, but it is a bit more than that. Why do we have to only copy the material and shallow parts of Western music? I have no problem with adapting arts from other countries. Globalization is a natural phenomenon and someone needs to tell Boko Haram to get with the program but we have to be careful not to look like stupid copy cats. Artists must accept a cultural and social responsibility, but I can’t really blame these artists. The population that supports artists for the most part have always been the young people of any society. How many people over 40 have you seen in concerts? It is clear that my generation favor watered down music even across the pond.

I wonder how long these artists expect their careers to last churning out purposeless hit records. I am not wishing anyone ill and I have specifically avoided mentioning any names, but if the shoe fit then you are probably wearing it. If you are reading this and you’re still in your twenties, try arguing with anyone a lot older about new age Nigerian music and watch them butcher you to pieces. It’s like comparing 90ies hip-hop music to the sorry excuse for music on the chart these days.


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