Why don’t rich Africans do charity work?

I typed in ‘Charity Work in Africa’ into the Google search bar and if you do the same you will find that it’s always whites helping out. From students to normal working class citizens all the way to celebrities and even the world’s richest man. 50 Cent had a charity trip to Africa but he isn’t really African is he. Out of sheer curiosity I would like to know why Africans, no matter how well off we are never think about doing charity work? It is almost fashionable in the West to do charity work, White kids can’t wait to post pictures of their time digging wells and and what not on Facebook. Is there something inherently selfish about the African attitude, or do advantaged Africans feel a bit too cool or too big to do charity work?

Bill Gates has done more for malaria than even the government in Nigeria! We really need a revolution in consciousness. For all our religiousness this is at best shameful. What can we do! Open to all suggestions.


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