Five in the PM

Deeper Life Pastor Rapes 11yrs Old Girls

Not that there is anything new about “Men of God” molesting kids but this has to be the most outrageous reason ever. The pastor said he was possessed by evil spirits that made him do it. Right…

Beverly and Angelo have sex in the BBA House

If it’s on national TV and on a reality show…Is it still classed as porn? It is good to see that voyeurism exists worldwide though. Comments on this have been pouring in by the truck load. Negative or positive, Africa is watching.


Forget 50 Shades of Gray. Check out 40 Days of Dating

Two friends have embarked on 40 days of dating and are giving an introspective view into the process on the blog Check it out for all the juice.


Sheikh Abubakar Shekau, leader of the violent Islamic sect, Boko Haram, has reportedly been shot and deposed by members of his own sect, Boko Haram

A new leader, Abu Zamira Mohammed, who is the sect’s leader  negotiating with the federal government has been appointed new leader by the group’s Shura Council. – See more at:

Arsene Wenger

Still hasn’t bought any player…

Not really news but hey, it’s Saturday, nothing interesting has really been happening 🙂

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