Are we politically over correct?

Some times it seems everyone is trying way too hard to be politically correct these days. On Thursday night I was stood behind this Caucasian (we can’t even say white anymore) girl trying to explain something to a fellow Caucasian (male). She snapped her finger in classic black girl fashion then followed by saying ‘I don’t know why I did that, I’m not even black’. I couldn’t help but burst into laughter. On realizing I had heard what she said, she turned a shade of red in embarrassment. She responded by apologizing and compulsively reassuring me that she was not racist. I tried to assure her that there was nothing wrong with emulating what was clearly a stereotypical black girl finger snap and it was definitely alright to refer to black people as black. I mean was she supposed to call us Negros? Negroids? Coloured? A white girl recently even told me off for referring to blacks as Negros….can someone be so kind as to let me know what the political term for black people is please!


Moving past race relation there is also the thin line of opinion on sensitive matters. We seem to be living in this ‘neo-hippie’ era as put by my friend Jarell. It’s like people of today’s society have no spine! We’ll do anything to ensure acceptance! Even if that means believing black is white! How is it that all of a sudden, is everyone cool with homosexuality? I’m not saying people should be anti-gay, but if you are at least have the balls to stand by it rather than pretending just to fit in. Maybe you will stand a better chance of being educated about it if you are open minded. “We are all the same”, “we are all special”, “we are all equal”. I call bullshit! I call bullshit! I hate it when society come up with stupid excuses for lazy people. We will blame the system, schools, government, even blame nature, yet we forget to point fingers at the number one catalyst of the problem, the individual. I personally have no issues with gay/lesbian relations, but I do think gay sex is disgusting. I think straight anal sex is disgusting so how do you expect me to say I think gay sex is cool? This is my opinion. I have gay friends and I don’t think any less of them as people, but I’m not about to pretend to be cool with stuff that clearly turns my stomach. Lots of people find foot fetishes disgusting, gay or straight they will find it disgusting. The fact I have to defend this view so much is a problem in itself.


I will never choose being politically correct over being the honest asshole. Instead of pretending like we are all the same how about we start to communicate our differences for a change?


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