Are we any happier than our ancestors?

I have always been  of the opinion that emotions have been constant from the dawn of time. A man feeling happy today is no happier than a man feeling happy a thousand years ago even if the reasons for our happiness has come a long way. The question then is not do we feel happier, but do we feel happy more often. Sometimes I find myself pretending not to be as content or happy with my life because everyone around seems to be so unhappy and I don’t want to rub it in anyone’s face. It seems to me that in this century of self we have developed a sense of entitlement and expectations.

Everyone wants everything to be perfect and ideal like we live in a Utopian society. We expect our boss to treat us as equals, we expect our partners to look like Brad Pitt or Halle Berry with an IQ equal to Einstein, the swagger or two Jay-Zs and a sense of humor worthy of a stand up performance. In a relationship we want our every need met and there is no margin for error. We expect the government to run the country like they aren’t just humans…the list goes on. What is even more perplexing about this situation is that we have placed our happiness on the shoulders of everyone but ourselves, yet we wonder why our lives read as one let down after the other. It has become my philosophy that the only thing perfect about life is its imperfections. Your boss will be a dick to you, your partner will let you down, you will encounter injustice probably more than you will encounter justice. Until you realize that the only changes you can truly make in life are those you make to yourself you will never be happy, you will never be content.

Cheap Facebook likes, Twitter follows and Instagram likes can only release a short burst of serotonin and at best serve as an escape to deep seeded discontent to where our lives are going. Think for a second, what have you done so far out of the ordinary? What are your achievements so far? Who do you want to be tomorrow and what are you doing today to be that person. Nothing is give, all is earned. Good morning 🙂

And for those of you that will quote Buddhas and the likes about happiness being a state of mind, I hope you have looked deeply enough into the philosophies you quote. At the rate I’m seeing these bite size philosophy quotes I’m starting to think everyone can write their own Plato’s dialogue.

Given that Buddha didn’t speak English this is probably fake. Good philosophy though 🙂 And who was there writing out all these conversations?


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