Five in the AM

Inter-state deportation of the poor.

1.Only in Nigeria can a governor round up a group of destitute Nigerians and ship them to another state. Fashola literally had these guys delivered to Anambara State. He isn’t sure where to take the new captured as the governor of Anambara is currently not happy with the first batch. Welcome to Nigeria where freedom is never free.


Will you eat a lab grown burger?

2. With population increase becoming a global issue scientists have decided to grow foods in the lab. I guess genetically modified produces just aren’t cutting it anymore. I wonder if we would be able to taste the difference. See link for more info:

Meanwhile in Japan…

3. Meet Kirobo the talking robot that can hold conversations and is now being sent to space. He is still too small to be scary but we can no longer deny the possibility of co-existing with robots. Anyone remembers iRobot? See link for more info:

Doyin Okupe and Lai Mohammed


 4.The Presidency on Sunday blasted APC leaders saying that they were not only unprogressive but also describing  them as “politically expired” politicians. However, the APC reacted swiftly, saying Nigerians knew very well that  most of the PDP leaders were septuagenarians and octogenarians (see grammar).

APC national leaders – Chief Bisi Akande  is 74 years, Maj.-Gen. Muhamadu Buhari,70;  Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, 61  and Chief Ogbonnaya Onu, 61. The PDP National Chairman, Bamanga Tukur,  is 76; Board of Trustees Chairman, Chief Tony Anenih, is 80  and Chairman, Disciplinary Committee, Umaru Dikko, is 77. Guess we are quite not yet the leaders of tomorrow with these old head running the country. And how about a public manifesto instead of all this in-fighting?


Didn’t people just assume this before Snowden?

5. I find it very odd that people didn’t just figure out that the NSA was tapping pretty much everything before Snowden. It’s like when it made the news that Micheal Jackson’s kids were adopted and people acted surprised. Those kids have blue eyes. MJ (God rest his soul) might have been paler than a vampire but it still takes double blue phenotypes to have a blue eyed baby.


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