Most degrees aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on!

To my parents’ great distress I have always been against pretty much anything systematic. I was never particularly unruly but I have always been very opinionated and talkative. Just half way through my first year of university I found out it was no different from secondary school. I phoned home to ask if it was okay for me to save them some money and save myself some time. In summary the student life consisted of boring lectures, booze and drug fuelled parties, and late nights to meet deadlines. It did absolutely nothing to improve the individual as a person. I suppose it didn’t help that I was studying pharmacy as well. This degree required no critical thinking whatsoever, just regurgitation of information (how I wish I had a photographic memory). At the end of four long years I was handed a piece of paper to compensate me for my time and then told to go into the ‘real world’ and become somebody. I am here now and I still don’t see the value in this piece of paper besides what the society has decided to place on it for the job seekers. I have heard all sorts or reasons why a degree is worth more than toilet paper but I will tell you what I feel about it. If you have no intentions of pursuing a career requiring specific or technical knowledge that can only be obtained from an educational institute, save yourself some money.

Unfortunately the society we live in have placed the degree holder a step above the non-degree holder, but for what reason? I know graduates that are incapable of constructing logical arguments, asking for original thoughts or opinions is out of the question. In the world we live in today knowledge is widely available and easy to access. The ability to think for one’s self on the other hand is something that can only be developed independently. If I ran a business I would certainly be more interested in what a prospective employee has accomplished outside of all systematic requirements. How many of you can honestly say ‘Thank God I have a degree or I wouldn’t have been able to do this job’.


I will not single out degrees to avoid offending anyone, but we all know some degrees should be at best diplomas. In Nigeria we have Okada riders (motorcycle taxis) with degrees. The place is crawling with degree holders but still not enough brain power to move the country forward. Less education, more edification!


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