Why I am wary of dating tips…

The internet is crawling with tons of dating and relationship tip of all sorts. How to get the right man, How to be the perfect woman for him, Make any girl fall in love, What women want (even God doesn’t know this, little joke for you guys). The list is long and exhaustive. Unsurprisingly these posts seem to attract a lot of views and comments. I would consider writing some to improve my ratings but out of principle I cannot do this and here is the reason. The notion that any one person can tell you how to attract anyone that isn’t the person giving the advice is at best silly in my opinion. How can someone else tell you what to do when you are on a date with me?

I have read posts advising women to always let the guy pay because we feel a sense of pride getting the bill. There are probably some men out there that feel this way but some of us feel differently. Surely if I pay sometimes, you should pay sometimes too. I have to say nothing feels as good as a lady taking me out. When I mean taking me out I mean choosing the place, the activity, setting the time, and picking up the bill. I love an independent woman. This is not to be mistaken for a bossy woman. What is the point of having a society where women work if they don’t get to pay for anything? I also read one saying women should not make themselves too available for dates. Basically, if the man calls for a date on Wednesday, post him till Friday even if you aren’t busy. Are you kidding me! So what happens when this man gets to know you only realizes your life isn’t actually as full as you pretended it was? We have all heard the rules about when to give into sex and not mentioning the C word (children). I think mature adults should know what they want. I have concluded I want three kids because I wouldn’t be caught dead in a people carrier among other reasons and I will tell it to you on the first date if you care to listen. I know guys that have gone to bed with a woman on the first night of meeting them and they are still together with kids. The point I am trying to make is that there is no rules in dating and building relationships. These rules group individuals into statistical averages which negates the whole point of building a personal relationship. My only dating advice is for you to be yourself, if yourself isn’t good enough, then work on yourself.

Mature individuals are perfectly capable of identifying what they want, there is no need for childish games and rule books.


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