Can a law be legally just but morally unjust?

I used to assume law around the world were designed to be a secular way of maintaining moral justice but recently I find myself questioning this position. First it was Julian Assange over Wiki Leaks. Who would have thought telling the truth could get you into so much trouble. Then it was Edward Snowden exposing what he felt was his moral obligation as it violated some amendment (can’t quite tell you the number, I’m not American). I’m not sure why they want to put him behind bars. Give it a few weeks and the protests would be over and everyone is back to their business as usual and now the government doesn’t have to keep a secret. From the Wall Street protests it is obvious to see my generation can only protest for so long till it’s back to the internet and junk food.


Today however I came across a piece I would describe at best to be insane. Deric Lostutter, the Steubenville Whistleblower is facing a possible 10 years in jail while the rapists he exposed get away with only two years. I have puzzled and pondered how on earth this is even a scenario in existence. When did hacking (for a good cause) become more consequential than rape? And what exactly is the message the legal system is trying to send out here? I understand the potential danger of a hacker, but hacking is a widely available skill. There are hackers all over the world but so far the public has remained relatively safe. Even if this man has to do some time (which he shouldn’t), how on earth is it right to give him more time that the rapists? FIVE more times! Support Deric on the following link and don’t forget to share it:




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