Show me your idols and I’ll tell you who you are

You’ve all heard the saying ‘show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’. While there is some truth to that statement for the most part I have found it to be quite inaccurate. I have certain similarities to they guys in my friendship group but on an individual level we couldn’t be more different. I don’t like sports to start with, I am addicted to reading (and writing as you can tell), and my philosophies on life are rather weird. Most of my friends are addicted to football, will only pick up a book for an assignment, and subscribe to one popular religion or the other. Our opinions on movies, music, wealth, and even women couldn’t be more different. In summary, we have our differences, and I’m sure you differ from your friends in more ways than one. So how are we supposed to tell what people are like if their friends are not valuable markers? I ask them for their idols.

Everyone idolizes somebody. Writers, musicians, actors, philosophers, mathematicians, politicians…etc, the list is long. Naturally we seek to imitate or emulate our idols in one form or the other which in turn makes us defined by them. Christians for example are supposed to idolize Jesus Christ. By the way when I speak of idolization I mean someone we hold in high regard and not having wooden carvings to which we sacrifice the blood of a virgin every full moon. That is just lunacy. So next time you meet someone ask them who are some of the people they think are cool. In today’s celebrity infested culture you might have to go a step further to ask people why they idolize certain celebrities.

I am a big Jay-Z fan but before I imagine myself pulling through in a Maybach with dark curtains, I imagine working my ass off and signing business deals.


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