Whose fault is it anyway?

I managed to catch a clip of the now famous Game of Thrones where one of the slave girls was teaching the Khaleesi how to erm…you know..’do the do’. When Drogo came into the tent for his fix she was shown to take some control and as they say, the rest is history. This got me thinking, ‘why is it that the performance of sex sessions seem to rest a lot on the man in society’. You hear about ‘one minute men’, ‘small d*ck syndrome’, a lot of women say the man wasn’t manly enough or ‘didn’t seem to know what he was doing’. For men the most I’ve heard a guy complain about is that the girl laid there like a log. I’ve never even heard a guy complain of ‘loose puss syndrome’ besides a friend of mine that for reasons beyond me got with a 40-something year old woman in an alleyway. He described the experience as throwing a sausage into a tunnel. Anyways, not to go off topic: Is it possible that a lack of responsibility on sexual performance has limited the way women think of sex?

What a title! Ladies what are you reading?

Even so, now and again you run into a guy with positive reviews saying ‘Bro, this chick banged the shit out of me’ and pretty much every guy reading this will know it is rare to find a woman that knows how to give a good blow job. I am not saying some guys aren’t just as terrible, I’m only saying we need to split the responsibility a bit more evenly between the sexes. So ladies next time you find yourself saying you had a bad time in bed ask yourself ‘what did I do to make this better?’. Some guys will be bad and there is absolutely nothing wrong with teaching or yelling out instructions. ‘Harder, harder, faster, faster, just there…etc’. From the sales of books like Fifty Shades of Grey and all the Mills and Boon books it is obvious to see women think about sex a lot. It is about time to take more responsibility for your orgasms and stop depending on men. Dicks are available for free everywhere but women have to invest in batteries, dildos, vibrators and whatnot to stay satisfied.

This can’t be real LMAO

Women’s bodies are different from men’s bodies. For this reason women and men enjoy sex differently and at different paces so to speak. If sex is about feeling pleasure, each individual is responsible for knowing themselves and their partner. That is to say the primary responsibility for satisfaction rests on each individual seeking it. For women communication to the man is important as it takes them longer on average to reach satisfaction. If the communication is not fun and clear, do not bother getting upset when he leaves you behind, so to speak, to finish on your own. Guys might try positions that takes them longer to finish to buy her some time. If a woman or man is incompatible at the extent of your abilities to keep up, consider the importance of sex in your relationship and contemplate trying to find a more biophysically compatible partner if need be.



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