For as long as I can remember I have always had somewhat of a romantic nature. I actually used to compose love letters for a fee or sometimes free in my secondary school days. I find this particularly ironic because face to face I was terrified of speaking to girls, but this post isn’t about how I stopped be a wimp so I will avoid digressing.

These days, thanks to a few heartbreaks, I have adopted a rather cynical view on romance and pretty much everything in life really. I do not like any form of public display of affection but maybe I’m just getting old. In general I have come to find that a certain degree of romance is expected of men and once you begin to play the role of Romeo, you are stuck with that character forever and the expectations that come with it.

While being romantic might seem like a natural trait humans have evolved with it is actually a societal condition encouraged mostly by what we see on TV. Unfortunately television has never been a tool for reflection of reality and so mainstream romance cannot be real. In my opinion the only real romance is that which isn’t forced or expected so if you are not inspired to perform a romantic gesture, let it be. Ladies you must be aware of the romantic façades we can put up, don’t fall for it. It almost seems like romance which should be the icing on the cake has now replaced the cake itself. Then after the honeymoon period is over and romance begin to fade we realize that as companions we couldn’t be more ill suited to the person we are with and so the cookie crumbles.

Just as so many relationship experts advice that sexual contact should be avoided at the start of a relationship until good companionship is established, I advice the same but of romantic gestures. Happy dating!


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