Welcome to Loopsnaija. My name is William Moore and I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Check out the list of categories and what they are about below.

Home of various rants and thoughts on anything and everything ranging from sex to politics to religion. If I think it, I write it.

News Bites
A quick brush up on important, random, and cool happenings on a daily basis

Previews & Reviews
My thoughts on places, albums, movies, gadgets, food, and just about everything else really…

Project Will
A little project diary on whatever craziness and nerdiness I’m getting up to.

I’m no photographer but I’m hoping to share a few shots on here 🙂

Ermmm….a female friend of mine suggested I have a weekly suggestion of ‘naughtiness’ because naturally I’m the guy you meet to spice up your relationship…

As the name implies, just videos from around the web and the odd ones of me when I’m not feeling camera shy.

Q&A with the famous, almost famous, and unknown…


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