Five in the AM

Rich Kids of Instagram, Lion

Rich Kids of Instagram’ to Become a Reality TV Show

1. So you think you’re cool with your pouts and hats, well these kids are so cool they are getting their own TV show! Not a fan of reality TV shows as they are always far from reality but I will give this an episode to see what it’s about. See here for more info:

The crime scene. Inset: Rewire’s corpse

Cultists on revenge mission stab two to death

2. Hate to be the bringer of bad news again but cultists in Nigeria have apparently killed two young men is a revenge plot. Two other occupants of the house were stabbed and shot but luckily survived thanks to police intervention. Good to know our response times are getting better 🙂 See the link for more info:

Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar

Just when I was praising our men in uniform this happens

3. Some policemen have raised the alarm over what they termed, arbitrary deductions from their salaries. The policemen alleged that the Mechanized Salary Section of the police made unauthorized deductions of N5, 000 from their salaries. It was learnt that the money was for the procurement of Fokas Savings and Loans Limited shares. The policemen believed this reduction to be dubious and they weren’t even informed of it! See link for more:

50 Cent Pleads Not Guilty to Domestic Violence Charge

4. 50 Cent entered a plea of not guilty in court on Monday for charges of domestic violence and vandalism in a case involving his ex-girlfriend, Daphne Navarez. The rapper was told to stay away from Navarez, reports The Associated Press, and he is also prohibited from contacting her via phone and email. Read more:

5. First 3D-Printed rifle successfully fires 14 shots. I really hope these 3D-Printers are regulated. I would definately like the idea of being able to print whatever I want from home but we can’t have people printing guns like it’s coursework! See here for more: