Where do you stand on cheating?

Most of us will go through a cheating in one form or the other at some point in our lives. You may be a cheat or you may be cheated on, the only question is what are your opinions on cheating? For most guys this seems to be a no-brainer. Thanks to our ego and constant need to be viewed as adequate we are far less likely to put up with any form of cheating but ladies seem to tell another story. I have met some women very hot on this matter. In their opinion there is never an excuse or reason to cheat. If you cheat, you’re out and would be lucky to leave with both testicles and your car intact. Some other women on the flip side leave their partners with some room to wriggle. I have met ladies that are willing to discuss issues that lead up to the man cheating and if they feel they somehow contributed to the issues, they will forgive him and try to work it out.

While I will not endorse cheating as an alternative to problems in your relationship, I wouldn’t be naïve enough to say to you that it isn’t a common happening on every level of relationships. Personally, I believe in line with 21st century thinking considering to scrap a relationship over one count of cheating might have you switching partners more often than you would like to. The expansion of choice we have when it comes to partners can easily act as a catalyst to cheating once some form of discontent sets in while we are married or dating.

I know a lot of people are going to push for the moral high ground and say if a person wants to play about so bad then they should break up. But that isn’t really the case is it? Most people that cheat due to emotional starvation or just boredom in their relationships do not necessarily want to cheat but circumstances can be arm twisting. Most females I know have confessed to speaking with potential dates before they breakup with their current partner which goes to show once discontent sets in we a porous to bending rules to soothe ourselves. From my own experience I also find it is easier to cheat with a girl in a long term relationship than one still enjoying the bliss of the first year period. I will write about reasons the ‘spark’ seems to die out in another post but for now I will like to know what you think about fidelity. Is there ever a reason to forgive cheating or do all cheats belong in the trash?

Define Cheating?

Depending on who you ask, cheating comes in different shapes and forms and what one person might consider cheating another might consider innocent flirtation. Physical cheating is probably the most obvious form of cheating closely followed by emotional. They also happen to be the two easiest to detect. Digital cheating on the other hand, now that is when things get complicated. Webcam sex, sexting, BBM ‘fun’, e-mails, Facebook undercover games, the list goes on. Now what compounds this problem is not just the different strains but the difficulty in categorizing what constitutes of cheating in 2013.

I know a friend who says a girl in a relationship smiling at another guy without her man’s consent is cheating. And I know a girl that almost broke up with her boyfriend for getting off while watching porn. The question I wanted to ask her was if it would have made any difference if he jacked off without porn. The point is there is no real definition of what cheating is therefore cheating is relative. I have seen people say without any physical contact it isn’t cheating, but I wonder what they would do if they caught their partner swapping graphic pictures or engaging in a string of sexual messages. I have even heard that if you don’t get caught it isn’t cheating (I think this one is just a saying).

The question I put to you here is where do we draw the line? Is a girl in a relationship allowed to take a drink from a stranger in a nightclub and is a guy in a relationship allowed to offer drinks? Is flirting cheating? Dancing (daggering)?, cyber naughtiness? The list goes on. What do you think.

In my own humble opinion I believe that any act that could be sexually suggestive is cheating. That can be a grey definition because a guy can claim to offer a drink without wanting anything in return and a girl can claim to accept a drink just because it was offered. What are your thoughts.