Annie Hall #Review

annie hall
I decided to start my review series with my favourite romance movie (that’s right girls, men watch romance movies too). Annie Hall was Woody Allen’s attempt at reflecting the cycle of most romantic encounters. Even with advancements like the smartphone and social networking, this movie still captures romance as we experience it today. Where newer movies settle for C rate jokes and ridiculously cheesy lines, Woody Allen thrives with dialogue scripting that blends wit with humour which will require some thinking to understand most of times. I guess you can say it’s a nerd’s type of movie. But what makes Annie Hall really work is the level of realism the script is based on. Most of you will be able to watch this an relate with more than a few parts of the story. While I am tempted to discus plot lines I will refrain from the sin that is spoiling. This movie explores themes like self discovery, the nature of break ups, and the possessive element of love which creates the constant struggle between control and liberation. A must see on all accounts 8/10