Five in the AM


Jilted lover sets corps member, friend ablaze!

1.So you think your breakup was stressful? This girl was set ablaze! According to reports her ex pretty much empited a can of petrol on her and I’m sure you get the rest. This happened as far back as July but is only getting public attention now as it is about to go to court. I cannot begin to imagine why it took so long. See here for more:

Love is in the air…

2. I have to hand it to Jay-Z for his ability to get beefs sorted out. First he made up with Nas, then Timberland, and now he is seen talking with Dame Dash. I hope he helps out his old friend with this financial issues. But Dame needs to regulate his spending, I remember watching a documentary on him years ago where he confessed to wearing a pair of socks only once before discarding it…WTF. See here for more:

Vietnam to ban discussion of news on social media sites

3. Have you ever imagined going to jail for updating you Facebook status, or even worse, commenting? I Vietname there are talks to ban everything but personal conversations across all social media. The things the rulers of nations can dream up is unbelievable. Good luck to them. Click here to see more:

3D printed shoes signal revolution in how we shop

4. Printed swag coming soon! Imagine being able to simply print what shoe you wanted? Sounds like every girl’s wet dream to me. See here for more:

PayPal ‘check in’ app lets you pay with your face on the UK high street

5. Left you card at home? Don’t worry, just make sure you have your face. I do wonder if identical twins would be able to steal from each other? And what happens when you get older or get into a fight to leave your face disfigured? See more at: