Five in the AM

Seteolu, Sodeinde and the house

Landlord sets six youths ablaze for smoking hemp

1. I actually had to read this twice to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. These guys were having a joint by this guy’s house, one thing led to another in an argument and he emptied a can of petrol on them. The news reports that the boys tried to run after this but set themselves ablaze from the joint they were smoking. Speechless, see more at:

US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G8 meeting in Northern Ireland, 17 June 2013

Russia “disappointed” bilateral talks with US cancelled

2. Are we heading for another cold war? Barack Obama pulled out of a meeting last minute with Putin which we are all speculating is linked to Russia’s choice to grant the US whistle blower Snowden asylum for a year. Is it just me or has everyone else noticed the news in regards to politics hasn’t changed since we were kids. The middle-east has always been locked in some war and America has been beefing every country outside Western Europe. This is getting old! See more at:

3. In the Venezuelan coastal city of Maracaibo, they’re known as piranhas. But these aren’t the flesh-eating fish found in some South American rivers. They’re fast and ferocious thieves who residents say are increasingly attacking women. The common denominator among the victims? All of them had long hair…until thieves came at them with scissors, snipping it off. Daaamn:

Chris Omeleze

Policeman caught on camera demanding bribe dismissed

4. As much as this will serve as a warning to bribe collecting Nigerian police officers (don’t they all do?), I will have to say by Nigerian standards his only crime was getting caught. Is it even right to fire this officer for accepting bribe when we know politicians and police commissioners alike have defrauded the country far more than this man ever would? See more at:

Google launches Spotify rival Play Music in the UK

5. Is there any market Google isn’t hoping to penetrate? They have a social network, search engine, they are building self driving cars, they make phone hardware and software…now they are coming for a piece of Spotify’s pie. I will be sampling this and letting you know how it goes 🙂