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Acid attack teens back home as shocking injuries revealed

Acid attack teens arrive in UK as photo reveals shocking injuries

1. It is most unfortunate that volunteers for charities will have to contemplate being robbed abroad, and now having acid thrown on them. The two 18 year old kids that were out volunteering in Zanzibar had acid thrown on them on Eid of all days in the region. The assailants were reported to have poured the acid from mopeds and fled the scene immediately. See here for more and the picture of the injury sustained:

Richard Dawkins' Islam dig sparks furious Twitter backlash

Athiest Richard Dawkins in hot water over Islam dig on Twitter

2. Famous for his anti-religious views Richard Dawkins has found himself in another keyboard war when he pointed out that the entire Muslim community has less Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge but were very progressive in the Middle Ages. While a fact cannot be racist and Islam is not a race a lot of people have branded this bigotry especially as he has chosen to Tweet this on Eid of all days. See here for more:

3. There are simply no words to describe how cool I think this is! Call me geek or nerd but I will be queining is stores all night if I have to just for a pair. It is still in it’s infant stage but reviewers are raving about its capabilities already. See here for more:


Some guy is claiming he’s the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s son

4. Probably another person trying to make a claim to fame by riding the coattail of a celebrity but I guess one gossip story wouldn’t hurt for the day. See here for more:

Racism or elitism?

5. Oprah Winfrey has said she recently became a victim of racism when a shop assistant in Switzerland refused to show her a £24,477 handbag saying it would be “too expensive” for her. Taking cross cultural awareness into account it is not easy to ascertain if this shop assistant was being racist or elitist, but what’s really the big deal in letting a shopper look at an item even if they can’t afford it? See here for more:

The N-Word…who can say it?

I wouldn’t even try to act holier than thou, I have been just as guilty as Lil Wayne rhyming Nigga with Nigga when it comes to using the N-word. In fact if a child died every time I uttered the N-word with my friends (black friends) the world would be free from population problems. But does this mean that there is nothing wrong with throwing this word about? No! I have heard and read all sorts of arguments surrounding the use of this word and I will try to run through some of the common arguments to normalize the use of it in this post.

1. You guys use it all the time with each other and n rap music so why can’t we?

I often do wonder if I would miss saying the N-word that much if I wasn’t black. I mean is it that sweet a word that just because blacks say it then everyone else has to say it? All words are context sensitive in their use, and context can change meaning. Rappers refer to females as ‘bitches’ in every song but you don’t see people arguing that we should be able to freely refer to women as bitches. If it is okay in your circle of friends then by all means brand your girlfriend your ‘main bitch’, but that doesn’t mean other women will not take offense to it. Eminem is undoubtedly on most people’s top ten list of best rappers ever but he has managed to not use the N-word in any of his songs.

2. This generation and the upcoming one has been desensitized to the word therefore should be allowed to say it?

This has got to be the laziest excuse for it. Every human being is ultimately responsible for the quality of their understanding of the world and society. We may try to blame pop culture, family, friends, school systems..etc, but ultimately personal responsibility dictates that we are all the gatekeepers of our own minds. Current Western society has been desensitized to religion, it is okay to share private religious jokes but that doesn’t make it okay to ridicule someone else’s beliefs to their attention (it is more wrong to kill someone over this though).

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Well….ermmm…ear sex is clearly after my time…

3. If we want to make the stigma go away we all have to start using it?

Ermm…we should all also refer to Chinese people as Chinks and Pakistanis as Pakis to remove the stigma…right…If all of a sudden Chinese people decided to refer to themselves as Chinks, are we all itching to join in on this?

P.S Some white people have been so brave to ask me why don’t white people get so offended when called crackers. Go look up the history of that word and compare it to other derogatory racial slurs…and who says cracker anyways? I have some of my white friend that jokingly call me ‘their nigga’, but like I said earlier it is context sensitive and we must be aware of this.