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I am no sociologist but I don’t think you have to be one to recognize where human potential has not been tapped. Nigeria is populated with over 140million people of which 68% live in poverty. Thanks to poor governance we have developed an oligarchy where nepotism is more or less the only way to be a part of the ruling class and this spreads even into obtaining a job. It is no news that Nigeria is rich with oil, blessed with good weather (can be a bit too hot), manpower (can’t wait for the politically correct version of this word), fertile soil, and a bunch of other naturally good stuff. So why have we developed a system with a middle and upper class supported by a sea of extreme lower class?

I was startled to see a few men in office get picked up by the airport with more or less ten cars in a convoy (each of course). Not only does our government spend recklessly but most of what should be national funds are treated as private profits leaving behind a trail of underdevelopment in a fast developing world. While I can sit down in the comfort of an air conditioned room to think over this issue the average Nigerian is too busy thinking about basic survival to care about socio-political matters. Lack of good education and promotion of distractions like over-religiousness and political rhetoric played in the media has worsened the situation leaving any hope for change in the hands of the middle and upper-class. If history is anything to go by then we know a man on a full stomach is not prepared to revolt for any cause of an economic nature.

I might have been away for eight years but fundamentally nothing has changed. There has been some development but this must not be confused with progress. I will be doing more writings of  a socio-political and economic nature. There is much to write about the effects of tribal differences, possibilities of revolutions, and debates on democracy. I have to say I do enjoy knowing that there is much to be done here and I definitely hope to be as much a ‘doer’ as I am a ‘sayer’. Stay tuned for more.


Five in the AM

Alfredo in his workshop

Alfredo Moser: Bottle light inventor proud to be poor

1. What if I told you with only a bottle of water and some bleach you would never have to use a light bulb in the morning (as long as you live on the top floor that is). Alfredo has pulled off something similar to the work of Thomas Edison but he isn’t really looking to make a killing from his invention. See here for more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-23536914

15-year-old Anthony Stokes has been denied the heart transplant that would save his life

Dying Teen Is Being Denied A Heart Transplant Because He’s Had Trouble With The Law

2. Fifteen-year-old Anthony Stokes has less than six months to live unless he receives an emergency heart transplant. But his family has been told that Anthony doesn’t qualify for the transplant list because he has a “history of non-compliance” — partly due to his history of earning low grades and having some trouble with the law. Ermm…this kid is 15 and I can already feel this turning into another race matter…See more here: http://thinkprogress.org/health/2013/08/12/2453941/dying-teen-heart-transplant/


Testicle-biting fish invading Denmark, authorities warn

3. Guys, stay out of Denmark….this fish eats balls…literally! http://www.foxnews.com/science/2013/08/12/testicle-biting-fish-may-be-invading-denmark/

telsa hyperloop tube

Hyperloop: San Francisco to L.A. in 30 minutes

4. Science fiction or reality? Serial entreprenure and billionaire Elon Musk unveiled designs and plans for his hyperloop superfast transport system costing a fraction of the currently proposed high speed rail project. To think I was talking about something similar only three days ago! See here for more: http://money.cnn.com/2013/08/12/news/economy/hyperloop-elon-musk/index.html

Baby Messiah, Name Change

5. Did you know you could name your child Jesus but apparently not Messiah. The question is can you name your ‘savior’ which would be the English equivalent? See here for more: http://uk.eonline.com/news/448182/judge-orders-baby-s-name-be-changed-from-messiah-says-only-jesus-has-earned-that-name

No room for a home marker?

While I have always been an admirer of ambitious women I have also always been an advocate for freedom of choice. For the longest time I have been of the opinion that for a home to be run successfully, at least one of the partners involved has to be more domesticated. When I say domesticated in this instance I mean one of the two has to be concentrated more on the running of the house if they want to create time for the children and even for each other.

Traditionally, the role of home maker used to be that of a woman, but women have come a long way from that and I will not insult their struggle by suggesting that we go back to that. This is what I would suggest instead. I find that in most relationships there is already someone more suited to be the home maker and both already know this. If your mind has already nominated a woman to fill this position it’s not my fault that stereotype exists. I believe the more domesticated partner can be the man or the woman but that isn’t what makes us so nervous about playing the role of home maker.

For most men we have the egocentric thinking that tells us it is emasculating to take on such a role and there is also the problem of how women perceive men. I will venture into the land of assumptions and claim that most women are predisposed to being attracted by a financially successful man. This is not to be mistaken for gold digging! Being able to provide has long been an evolutionary advantage for men and that mentality still lives on. Women on the other hand face what I have now termed the ‘feminist stigma’. No man I know of has ever shown distaste over a woman deciding to get a job that afforded her more time at home (if the husband can afford it we don’t even mind full time housewives). Women on the other hand with the new ‘do you think I belong in the kitchen’ attitude have taken to talk down on other females that might have decided to become home markers.

Bit of funky grammar going on here…

It seems like in a world that demands more and more of our time, instead of running the family unit like a single household we have adopted an independent lifestyle over a cooperative one. Maybe it is time to start thinking about how we view relationship dynamics and how we think of the role of the home maker. Running a home is no easy task and sometimes could be the difference between a lasting relationship and a broken one.

Whose fault is it anyway?

I managed to catch a clip of the now famous Game of Thrones where one of the slave girls was teaching the Khaleesi how to erm…you know..’do the do’. When Drogo came into the tent for his fix she was shown to take some control and as they say, the rest is history. This got me thinking, ‘why is it that the performance of sex sessions seem to rest a lot on the man in society’. You hear about ‘one minute men’, ‘small d*ck syndrome’, a lot of women say the man wasn’t manly enough or ‘didn’t seem to know what he was doing’. For men the most I’ve heard a guy complain about is that the girl laid there like a log. I’ve never even heard a guy complain of ‘loose puss syndrome’ besides a friend of mine that for reasons beyond me got with a 40-something year old woman in an alleyway. He described the experience as throwing a sausage into a tunnel. Anyways, not to go off topic: Is it possible that a lack of responsibility on sexual performance has limited the way women think of sex?

What a title! Ladies what are you reading?

Even so, now and again you run into a guy with positive reviews saying ‘Bro, this chick banged the shit out of me’ and pretty much every guy reading this will know it is rare to find a woman that knows how to give a good blow job. I am not saying some guys aren’t just as terrible, I’m only saying we need to split the responsibility a bit more evenly between the sexes. So ladies next time you find yourself saying you had a bad time in bed ask yourself ‘what did I do to make this better?’. Some guys will be bad and there is absolutely nothing wrong with teaching or yelling out instructions. ‘Harder, harder, faster, faster, just there…etc’. From the sales of books like Fifty Shades of Grey and all the Mills and Boon books it is obvious to see women think about sex a lot. It is about time to take more responsibility for your orgasms and stop depending on men. Dicks are available for free everywhere but women have to invest in batteries, dildos, vibrators and whatnot to stay satisfied.

This can’t be real LMAO

Women’s bodies are different from men’s bodies. For this reason women and men enjoy sex differently and at different paces so to speak. If sex is about feeling pleasure, each individual is responsible for knowing themselves and their partner. That is to say the primary responsibility for satisfaction rests on each individual seeking it. For women communication to the man is important as it takes them longer on average to reach satisfaction. If the communication is not fun and clear, do not bother getting upset when he leaves you behind, so to speak, to finish on your own. Guys might try positions that takes them longer to finish to buy her some time. If a woman or man is incompatible at the extent of your abilities to keep up, consider the importance of sex in your relationship and contemplate trying to find a more biophysically compatible partner if need be.