The N-Word…who can say it?

I wouldn’t even try to act holier than thou, I have been just as guilty as Lil Wayne rhyming Nigga with Nigga when it comes to using the N-word. In fact if a child died every time I uttered the N-word with my friends (black friends) the world would be free from population problems. But does this mean that there is nothing wrong with throwing this word about? No! I have heard and read all sorts of arguments surrounding the use of this word and I will try to run through some of the common arguments to normalize the use of it in this post.

1. You guys use it all the time with each other and n rap music so why can’t we?

I often do wonder if I would miss saying the N-word that much if I wasn’t black. I mean is it that sweet a word that just because blacks say it then everyone else has to say it? All words are context sensitive in their use, and context can change meaning. Rappers refer to females as ‘bitches’ in every song but you don’t see people arguing that we should be able to freely refer to women as bitches. If it is okay in your circle of friends then by all means brand your girlfriend your ‘main bitch’, but that doesn’t mean other women will not take offense to it. Eminem is undoubtedly on most people’s top ten list of best rappers ever but he has managed to not use the N-word in any of his songs.

2. This generation and the upcoming one has been desensitized to the word therefore should be allowed to say it?

This has got to be the laziest excuse for it. Every human being is ultimately responsible for the quality of their understanding of the world and society. We may try to blame pop culture, family, friends, school systems..etc, but ultimately personal responsibility dictates that we are all the gatekeepers of our own minds. Current Western society has been desensitized to religion, it is okay to share private religious jokes but that doesn’t make it okay to ridicule someone else’s beliefs to their attention (it is more wrong to kill someone over this though).

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Well….ermmm…ear sex is clearly after my time…

3. If we want to make the stigma go away we all have to start using it?

Ermm…we should all also refer to Chinese people as Chinks and Pakistanis as Pakis to remove the stigma…right…If all of a sudden Chinese people decided to refer to themselves as Chinks, are we all itching to join in on this?

P.S Some white people have been so brave to ask me why don’t white people get so offended when called crackers. Go look up the history of that word and compare it to other derogatory racial slurs…and who says cracker anyways? I have some of my white friend that jokingly call me ‘their nigga’, but like I said earlier it is context sensitive and we must be aware of this.

Why women cannot rule the world…YET!

A bit of sexist humor to start with 🙂

I am hoping that this one will not land me in another soup of trouble with the opposite sex but someone has to say this. I would like to start by saying that women are strong, but men still hold all the physical records in sporting events. I am no stranger to the world of feminists and their quest for equality which at best I will describe as unrealistic. The truth of the matter is that men are different from women and that is never going to change. The notion that anything a man can do, a woman can do better and vice versa is just silly. The point I am trying to make here is that each gender has its strengths and weaknesses and if only women focused more on building on their strengths instead of trying to do everything men do to prove a point, women actually have a very good chance of ruling this world.

From a socialization stand point women are constantly being groomed to fall behind in some of the world’s leading fields of development but no one seems to be addressing this issue. Little girls are given ‘baby’ dolls to take care of or dolls with doll houses. Boys on the other hand get to play with toy cars, legos, and other toy of a constructive nature. Just Google ‘Lego for girls’ and see what girls get to build when legos are given to them. From a childhood age girls are misdirected from interest in things of a technical nature and we wonder why very few girls are present at engineering lectures in the university or why the tech industry is lacking in female programmers. It is the same reason there aren’t as many men practicing hairdressing. A British Gas engineer told me they only had TWO female engineers in the region! Ladies if you are serious about equality with men it is time to deconstruct the entire idea of what it is to be a woman. The notion that girls that are interested in technical stuff and play video games are ‘Tomboys’ should tell you something about what women have accepted to be their identity in society. Instead of spending time fighting for trivial rights I will recommend the feminist movement dedicates its time to educating girls on breaking away from stereotypical female ideas. This ranges from sexual identity to inter-female relations. Women accuse men of calling promiscuous women hoes but turn around and do exactly the same to each other. I commend what fighting women in Iraq and Afghanistan did to shift the way we think of women in battle. Instead of complaining about the system they fought with valor even breaking protocols on many occasions to earn the respect of their male colleges. Actions will always speak louder than words. There are still issues around women in the military as they face difficulty completing some of the physical circuit test but no one can say they are incapable of battle.

Anyone got her number?

There is much to be said about this topic but I am hoping this opens the door for conversation. Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.

Gay adoption, talk about a grey area

For an opinionated and overly honest asshole like myself it is rare to find an issue I cannot confidently take a side on but I have to say gay adoption got me sitting on the fence. I am hoping to use this post to present my thoughts on the issue and maybe one of you kind reader will be able to sway my vote. I have read a lot of opinions on this matter including comment section battles to rival the second world war online. I guess everything surrounding gay rights touches people at the base of their convictions. So what do you think of gay adoption? (interesting how even in homosexual terminology the male still represents both types, like how man represents male and female in literature).

The main argument against gay adoption lies in the potential impact on the child. The keyword here of course is ‘potential’. This means we don’t yet know for sure how the child will be affected. A lot of people have highlighted that other kids might make fun of the child in school, but what child is truly free from the terror of name calling? And do kids actually have the concept of same sex marriages in primary school. I didn’t even know about straight sexuality till my brother went to secondary school and came back to give me a science lesson to which I replied ‘That can’t be true, mummy would never let daddy do that to her’. Another argument is that you cannot force a child to accept an idea that isn’t yet accepted by the masses. People that argue from this point of view say it is best to let a child grow up to make up his or her own opinion on same sex relations. To this I say grow some balls and make a decision. Interracial marriages were only legalized fully in 1967 by USA. Are you saying prior to that it would have been wrong for interracial couples to adopt because it wasn’t yet accepted by the masses?

I have a lesbian friend with a happy partner and a baby she had in her straight days (guess that makes her bi), the kid seems happy and apparently there hasn’t been any case of bullying in school. Everyone has come across an irresponsible straight parent but we don’t seem to have a list of requirements for parenthood in straight relationships. And are we so paranoid about the gay lifestyle that we would rather have kids in orphanage homes or hopping from one foster parent to the other instead of providing a stable home with a gay family?

See what I did here?

Just some food for thought, bon apetite 🙂

P.S In Nigeria homosexuality can land you in prison for 14 years, I would write about this later.

Can a law be legally just but morally unjust?

I used to assume law around the world were designed to be a secular way of maintaining moral justice but recently I find myself questioning this position. First it was Julian Assange over Wiki Leaks. Who would have thought telling the truth could get you into so much trouble. Then it was Edward Snowden exposing what he felt was his moral obligation as it violated some amendment (can’t quite tell you the number, I’m not American). I’m not sure why they want to put him behind bars. Give it a few weeks and the protests would be over and everyone is back to their business as usual and now the government doesn’t have to keep a secret. From the Wall Street protests it is obvious to see my generation can only protest for so long till it’s back to the internet and junk food.


Today however I came across a piece I would describe at best to be insane. Deric Lostutter, the Steubenville Whistleblower is facing a possible 10 years in jail while the rapists he exposed get away with only two years. I have puzzled and pondered how on earth this is even a scenario in existence. When did hacking (for a good cause) become more consequential than rape? And what exactly is the message the legal system is trying to send out here? I understand the potential danger of a hacker, but hacking is a widely available skill. There are hackers all over the world but so far the public has remained relatively safe. Even if this man has to do some time (which he shouldn’t), how on earth is it right to give him more time that the rapists? FIVE more times! Support Deric on the following link and don’t forget to share it: