Stop posting quotes!


I am clearly not the only one getting sick of the quotingfest going on online these days. Are you guys trying to put churches out of business? All you need to do to change your life today is scroll through your desired social feed….NOT. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with some good words of wisdom now and again. But taking up posting quotes on a daily basis is just NOT COOL! Firstly, if your friends are hoping to get inspired and motivated then what the hell are they doing on Facebook??? and don’t get me started on Instagram. How do people even find the time of day to sift through quotes for social sharing? How about some meaningful social commentary applying ideas from these quotes, or plain old experience or even entertainment posting? This has become sort of the new way to fish for likes and comments. STOP IT: f*ck the likes and f*ck the shares ….hell f*ck comments too! Stop clogging my feed! And the most annoying of all, the cyber evangelist. Very soon there will be a way to collect offering on social media at the rate these guys are going.

Is this what Jesus has been reduced to? Even Peter denied him three times before the sun came up! This has to be the easiest test of faith ever!

As a special request, ladies please quit re-posting Marilyn Monroe’s quote. Some of you haven’t even seen a full length movie with her in it.