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1. I’m not sure if this is what people mean when they say drugs kill but a Brazilian drugs trafficker was killed by his own stock when he was crushed by half a ton of marijuana.

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2. What if I told you that 45 seconds is all you need to have your wine 5C cool? You don’t believe me? See the link

Plane crash

3. Another tragedy struck in Lagos on Thursday morning  when a chartered aircraft  carrying the remains of  a former Governor of Ondo State, Dr. Olusegun Agagu, 20 passengers  and crew crashed  less than a minute after take-off from the local wing of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja. See link for more detailed casualty report

4. FFA panel has found that Wi-Fi use is safe on planes even during takeoff and landing. I don’t know about you but I think this calls for a celebration 😀 See link for more details

Don't delay: Sony says PS4 stock will be tight in Christmas run up

5. If you want to get one of these bad boys for Christmas the time to pre-order is now. Ladies, if your man has been really good please dress up as Santa and hand him one of these. See link for more info

Five in the AM

Alfredo in his workshop

Alfredo Moser: Bottle light inventor proud to be poor

1. What if I told you with only a bottle of water and some bleach you would never have to use a light bulb in the morning (as long as you live on the top floor that is). Alfredo has pulled off something similar to the work of Thomas Edison but he isn’t really looking to make a killing from his invention. See here for more:

15-year-old Anthony Stokes has been denied the heart transplant that would save his life

Dying Teen Is Being Denied A Heart Transplant Because He’s Had Trouble With The Law

2. Fifteen-year-old Anthony Stokes has less than six months to live unless he receives an emergency heart transplant. But his family has been told that Anthony doesn’t qualify for the transplant list because he has a “history of non-compliance” — partly due to his history of earning low grades and having some trouble with the law. Ermm…this kid is 15 and I can already feel this turning into another race matter…See more here:


Testicle-biting fish invading Denmark, authorities warn

3. Guys, stay out of Denmark….this fish eats balls…literally!

telsa hyperloop tube

Hyperloop: San Francisco to L.A. in 30 minutes

4. Science fiction or reality? Serial entreprenure and billionaire Elon Musk unveiled designs and plans for his hyperloop superfast transport system costing a fraction of the currently proposed high speed rail project. To think I was talking about something similar only three days ago! See here for more:

Baby Messiah, Name Change

5. Did you know you could name your child Jesus but apparently not Messiah. The question is can you name your ‘savior’ which would be the English equivalent? See here for more:


If you went to school in Africa (Nigerian boarding schools to be precise) you undoubtedly have a completely different perception to what gets passed off as bullying in the West. The concept of cyber-bull where I’m from is more or less an oxymoron (ain’t no body got time for that!). From as early as nine or ten years old most kids (myself included) experience physical bullying in the form of belting and a range of corporal punishments I cannot begin to explain. The school systems are structured to permit this kind of treatment with an unspoken rule that arranges a power structure within students based on what year you are in. Teachers of course are allowed to smack you. While I will not promote or defend bullying in this way, I would point out that this ‘suck it up’ philosophy encourages a certain type of character building unseen in the West as far as bullying is concerned. I have been reading through comments about the victim of cyber bullying on that ended up hanging herself and it has really got me thinking. Of course this is not the first time such a case has arisen and if steps are not taken it wouldn’t be the last either.

Most comments seem to call for better monitoring of these sites, better parental monitoring of children’s internet activity, or blame the victims for not being mature enough to handle the situation. I think it is worth considering how children are socialized these days to figure out if society is not giving kids the tools essential to build strong characters. Could it be possible that in today’s society children are over-protected and under-monitored? I will give an example. In Nigeria it is very common for parents to physically hit their kids to  deter them from repeating an offense. Because this happens to everyone there is no stigma attached to it. No Nigerian grows up feeling ‘abused’ because their parents hit them with a belt or shoe on a few occasions. In the West a parent hitting the child provides this child with a sob story for the rest of their life. I actually remember being teased with the term ‘ajebor’ (posh) in school because I said my parents never hit me. In fact I considered making up that they did just to feel normal!

Do you think old people suggest bringing back the cane because they want others to taste their pain or because they actually believe it is can help for character building?

I do not have kids therefore I feel rather unqualified to suggest a solution, but it is obvious that much needs to be done in regards to character building to reduce the need for social acceptance among the young. Perhaps some scheme rolled out to lecture kids on handling bullying after teaching them how to put condoms over cucumbers?

Five in the AM

Acid attack teens back home as shocking injuries revealed

Acid attack teens arrive in UK as photo reveals shocking injuries

1. It is most unfortunate that volunteers for charities will have to contemplate being robbed abroad, and now having acid thrown on them. The two 18 year old kids that were out volunteering in Zanzibar had acid thrown on them on Eid of all days in the region. The assailants were reported to have poured the acid from mopeds and fled the scene immediately. See here for more and the picture of the injury sustained:

Richard Dawkins' Islam dig sparks furious Twitter backlash

Athiest Richard Dawkins in hot water over Islam dig on Twitter

2. Famous for his anti-religious views Richard Dawkins has found himself in another keyboard war when he pointed out that the entire Muslim community has less Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge but were very progressive in the Middle Ages. While a fact cannot be racist and Islam is not a race a lot of people have branded this bigotry especially as he has chosen to Tweet this on Eid of all days. See here for more:

3. There are simply no words to describe how cool I think this is! Call me geek or nerd but I will be queining is stores all night if I have to just for a pair. It is still in it’s infant stage but reviewers are raving about its capabilities already. See here for more:


Some guy is claiming he’s the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s son

4. Probably another person trying to make a claim to fame by riding the coattail of a celebrity but I guess one gossip story wouldn’t hurt for the day. See here for more:

Racism or elitism?

5. Oprah Winfrey has said she recently became a victim of racism when a shop assistant in Switzerland refused to show her a £24,477 handbag saying it would be “too expensive” for her. Taking cross cultural awareness into account it is not easy to ascertain if this shop assistant was being racist or elitist, but what’s really the big deal in letting a shopper look at an item even if they can’t afford it? See here for more:

Five in the AM


Jilted lover sets corps member, friend ablaze!

1.So you think your breakup was stressful? This girl was set ablaze! According to reports her ex pretty much empited a can of petrol on her and I’m sure you get the rest. This happened as far back as July but is only getting public attention now as it is about to go to court. I cannot begin to imagine why it took so long. See here for more:

Love is in the air…

2. I have to hand it to Jay-Z for his ability to get beefs sorted out. First he made up with Nas, then Timberland, and now he is seen talking with Dame Dash. I hope he helps out his old friend with this financial issues. But Dame needs to regulate his spending, I remember watching a documentary on him years ago where he confessed to wearing a pair of socks only once before discarding it…WTF. See here for more:

Vietnam to ban discussion of news on social media sites

3. Have you ever imagined going to jail for updating you Facebook status, or even worse, commenting? I Vietname there are talks to ban everything but personal conversations across all social media. The things the rulers of nations can dream up is unbelievable. Good luck to them. Click here to see more:

3D printed shoes signal revolution in how we shop

4. Printed swag coming soon! Imagine being able to simply print what shoe you wanted? Sounds like every girl’s wet dream to me. See here for more:

PayPal ‘check in’ app lets you pay with your face on the UK high street

5. Left you card at home? Don’t worry, just make sure you have your face. I do wonder if identical twins would be able to steal from each other? And what happens when you get older or get into a fight to leave your face disfigured? See more at:

Five in the AM

Seteolu, Sodeinde and the house

Landlord sets six youths ablaze for smoking hemp

1. I actually had to read this twice to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. These guys were having a joint by this guy’s house, one thing led to another in an argument and he emptied a can of petrol on them. The news reports that the boys tried to run after this but set themselves ablaze from the joint they were smoking. Speechless, see more at:

US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G8 meeting in Northern Ireland, 17 June 2013

Russia “disappointed” bilateral talks with US cancelled

2. Are we heading for another cold war? Barack Obama pulled out of a meeting last minute with Putin which we are all speculating is linked to Russia’s choice to grant the US whistle blower Snowden asylum for a year. Is it just me or has everyone else noticed the news in regards to politics hasn’t changed since we were kids. The middle-east has always been locked in some war and America has been beefing every country outside Western Europe. This is getting old! See more at:

3. In the Venezuelan coastal city of Maracaibo, they’re known as piranhas. But these aren’t the flesh-eating fish found in some South American rivers. They’re fast and ferocious thieves who residents say are increasingly attacking women. The common denominator among the victims? All of them had long hair…until thieves came at them with scissors, snipping it off. Daaamn:

Chris Omeleze

Policeman caught on camera demanding bribe dismissed

4. As much as this will serve as a warning to bribe collecting Nigerian police officers (don’t they all do?), I will have to say by Nigerian standards his only crime was getting caught. Is it even right to fire this officer for accepting bribe when we know politicians and police commissioners alike have defrauded the country far more than this man ever would? See more at:

Google launches Spotify rival Play Music in the UK

5. Is there any market Google isn’t hoping to penetrate? They have a social network, search engine, they are building self driving cars, they make phone hardware and software…now they are coming for a piece of Spotify’s pie. I will be sampling this and letting you know how it goes 🙂



Five in the AM

Rich Kids of Instagram, Lion

Rich Kids of Instagram’ to Become a Reality TV Show

1. So you think you’re cool with your pouts and hats, well these kids are so cool they are getting their own TV show! Not a fan of reality TV shows as they are always far from reality but I will give this an episode to see what it’s about. See here for more info:

The crime scene. Inset: Rewire’s corpse

Cultists on revenge mission stab two to death

2. Hate to be the bringer of bad news again but cultists in Nigeria have apparently killed two young men is a revenge plot. Two other occupants of the house were stabbed and shot but luckily survived thanks to police intervention. Good to know our response times are getting better 🙂 See the link for more info:

Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar

Just when I was praising our men in uniform this happens

3. Some policemen have raised the alarm over what they termed, arbitrary deductions from their salaries. The policemen alleged that the Mechanized Salary Section of the police made unauthorized deductions of N5, 000 from their salaries. It was learnt that the money was for the procurement of Fokas Savings and Loans Limited shares. The policemen believed this reduction to be dubious and they weren’t even informed of it! See link for more:

50 Cent Pleads Not Guilty to Domestic Violence Charge

4. 50 Cent entered a plea of not guilty in court on Monday for charges of domestic violence and vandalism in a case involving his ex-girlfriend, Daphne Navarez. The rapper was told to stay away from Navarez, reports The Associated Press, and he is also prohibited from contacting her via phone and email. Read more:

5. First 3D-Printed rifle successfully fires 14 shots. I really hope these 3D-Printers are regulated. I would definately like the idea of being able to print whatever I want from home but we can’t have people printing guns like it’s coursework! See here for more: